Dress like a dapper gentleman

A well-dressed man commands great power and style, but it’s not as easy as simply putting on a suit. Here are five easy tips to help you dress like a dapper gentleman.

// Accessorise your favourite suit with a bit of personality. Add some bright pops of colour with a handmade pocket square, one in each colour to match all your favourite shirts. Don’t forget to select a tie bar and/or lapel pin to really show of your style. Pins are a huge business right now, so select the right one to give a hint to the man inside the suit.

// Invest in a piece of Harris Tweed. Hand woven in the Outer Hebrides, there’s nothing more suave than a jacket or waistcoat made from this fine Scottish cloth. A Harris Tweed jacket will last you a lifetime, so much so that you can easily pick one up from a vintage shop at a fraction of the price that is still in fabulous condition. Perfect to dress like a dapper gentleman on a budget.

// Look after your feet with a pair of good quality brogues. Our friends at Loake Shoemakers have created a fabulous range of brogue shoes and boots for all occasions and they’re even available in a variety of different fits, from narrow to extra wide. Even better, we have all the tools and goodies to help care for your shoes too.

// Always match your belt to your shoes and if it doubt, choose a brown hue. A tan brogue suits a navy suit more than a black shoe ever could. It’s a more sophisticated and stylish look and black can easily look cheap if you have to sacrifice quality for price.

// No dapper gentleman is complete without a fancy shoehorn displayed on your nightstand. Choose from wood, chrome, copper or horn depending on your style and slide on your boot of choice with ease. You could even get a mini one to keep in your briefcase or bag.

Father's Day Gift Ideas. Your Dad's Old Boots

I don’t know about you, but we really struggle to buy good gifts on Father’s Day. What do you buy the man that has everything he could ever need, including the most awesome child in existence?

I was visiting my Dad recently and I noticed his old boots, kicked to one side, literally wearing the weight of the world over what was once a great gift many Father’s Days ago. They were covered in mud, scuffed around the edges and those laces were in serious need of replacing. All those fancy boots I have bought him over the years, laid to rest in the cupboard under the stairs: Loved too much! What on earth do Dads do to their shoes?

Then I remembered that old proverb we learned in school.
“Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Instead of buying him another fish, I needed to teach him to feed himself.

Gift Ideas for the Dad who has everything on Father's Day Father's Day gift ideas for retired Dads

I’ve settled on this Red Wing Shoes leather gift box this year. The fun Americana style branding will make him feel hip and cool again and the contents will not only provide him with one pair of boots for Father’s Day this year, they will breath life into the entire shoe graveyard under the stairs.

Now he’s retired, it will also give him something to do instead of building more extensions onto his already oversized house. Maybe he can build himself a Cobbler’s workshop for all the projects I’ve just added to his to do list? I quite like the sound of that myself.

Buy your dad a pair of shoes for Father’s Day and you will cloth him for a day. Teach your dad how to care for his shoes and he will be suited and booted for a lifetime.

The perfect barefoot insoles

It’s a struggle to wear super cute shoes with skirts and dresses, am I right? No matter how innovative they make socks, they will always peek out somewhere unwanted.

Our Barefoot Insoles by Pedag are ideal for wearing in cute ballet pumps and feminine heels. The insoles are super-thin so they won’t really affect the fitting of your shoe and they’re designed to keep your feet really fresh!

The Bamboo Deo barefoot insoles are made from absorbent bamboo fibres, providing a lovely climate inside your pretty shoes. The antibacterial bamboo fibres absorb up to 60% more foot moisture than standard cotton fibres giving you that lovely, fresh feeling even on hot summer days… on those rare occasions we get them!

With a perforated underside, these insoles keep air circulating around your feet leaving you fresh footed all day long and the flexible Texon material allows your feet to move naturally, perfect for dancing the night away.

The best insoles for bare feet

Despite being a solution for wearing your shoes without socks and tights, I actually love wearing these with tights too. Particularly in shoes with a higher heel, my foot would slip about and too much walking would give me really sore feet from gripping too hard – the barefoot insoles provide a light, textured surface between the silky smoothness of my tights and the shiny, slippy insoles of some of my shoes. The undersides have a special slip resistant coating too so you know they will stay put.

These insoles are full length and suitable for all shoes types, including narrow fitting shoes. They really are so delicate compared to some of the wads I’ve tried shoving inside my favourite heels.

If we don’t have you convinced yet… they’re environmentally friendly too as bamboo is a sustainable resource! The insoles will keep their antibacterial properties wash after wash, making them the perfect alternative to disposable insoles.

Pop along and buy your pair and with weather like this in the UK, it’s the perfect excuse to book a beach holiday to try them out in the sun!

Wearing Shoes Without Tights and Socks

Socks, the best gift this Valentines Day

Got Valentines Day panic? We’re here to help. Socks are a forgotten gift, one with a bad reputation that is given at Christmas in hoards to poor men that just don’t need any more socks. Let’s revive The Sock as an awesome gift, and here’s why you should buy socks for your loved one this Valentines Day.

– Be an original. Your date has probably never received such awesome socks for Valentines Day before. Embrace the unusual.

– Flash your personality. Your date can wear that boring, grey suit to the office again this week, but when their colleagues least expect it, they can flash them a glimpse of your awesome heart print socks!

– A wearable memory. Do you miss your other half when you spend time apart? Now you can wear your loved up socks on trips away and always have a little hug for your feet.

– They’re neutral. Socks aren’t romantic, they don’t declare your love, they don’t scream your heart’s desire. When you need something that says more than a box of chocolates, but less than a key to your house… choose socks.

– Hint hint. What a nice way to say, “Honey, you need to stop wearing those god awful socks with a hole in the toe!” or “Stop stealing my favourite socks!”.

Heart print socks for Valentines Day

Alternative gift ideas for Valentines Day

Seriously though, our new Happy Socks are our favourite gift idea for Valentines Day. They take the traditional and the mundane and turn them into an accessory to spread colour and fun and giggles in the office. They’re only the best quality too, because your feet work so hard. Plus with these sweet gift sets you can mix and match your socks for that added bit of uniqueness.

Appreciate your loved one’s hard working feet this Valentines Day, or better yet buy yourself a set and curl up in your jim-jams with a hot chocolate and plough through that series you’ve been eyeing up on Netflix. Valentines Day isn’t just for couples you know…

Shoe Care Tips to Keep Your Footwear Looking (and Feeling) Like New

Believe it or not a recent consumer study showed that British men actually spend MORE money on their footwear than women do. The average retail price of a high quality leather shoe bought at the low-end of the market starts at around £100, moving to £300 at mid-range and up to £2000 for a bespoke pair of made to order shoes.

Wherever you sit in the shoe-buying spectrum the fact is that the purchase of a good quality pair of shoes is an investment and as any savvy investor knows, is something that needs to be nurtured in order to maintain its value. But I won’t preach to the choir, the fact that you’re a visitor of this site shows you already know to treat your footwear with tender-loving care so let us give you the 101 on keeping shoes in pristine condition so that at the end of your shoes lifespan (which is around 5 years) your trusty companions look as fresh as the day you took them out of the box.